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Image of Academy of Information TechnologyAcademy of Information Technology

  • Offers a challenging academic and technical curriculum preparing students for employment and/or post-secondary education in the field of information technology.
  • Provides required technology courses in computer hardware, computer software, networking, computer operating systems, and Web design with digital video/audio.
  • Emphasizes skill-based, application-oriented learning methodology.
  • Promotes a balance between academic knowledge and workforce application.
  • Promotes the development of skills to deal with the interdisciplinary demands of employers.
  • Offers college-level courses through Fayetteville Technical Community College.
  • Offers enrichment opportunities through work-based learning activities to include field trips, job shadowing, and possible internships

Admission Requirements

• Completed PFHS 2019-2020 AOIT Application (in-district and out-of-district students)
• Completed Choice Application (out-of-district students only)
Academic record (Rising 9th – copy of latest report card; Rising 10th – copy of transcript – must be submitted with application)
• Interview by Program Director

Additional Academy Requirements

• Two years of a foreign language
• AOIT Electronic Portfolio
• 25 hours per semester of work-based learning/community service
• Wear AOIT uniform EVERY Tuesday
• GPA Requirements:
♦ 2.5 (C) overall GPA for admittance
♦ 3.0 (B) in AOIT courses
♦ 3.0 (B) overall by end of 10th grade

Work- Based Learning/Community Service Activity Verification form

The Academy of Information Technology’s mission is to introduce high school students to the broad career opportunities in the information technology industry by providing a program of study in information systems, software installation and maintenance, and networking, to equip them with skills necessary to compete in a career field.

Our vision is to provide highly skilled graduates with a strong foundation in information technology.

About Us
The Academy of Information Technology at Pine Forest High School is a school of choice and is open to students across Cumberland County. Students not living in the Pine Forest District are responsible for their own transportation to and from school. AOIT is a small learning community within our school that introduces students to the broad career opportunities in today’s digital workforce and equips them with the personal, analytical, technical, and communication skills needed for careers in information technology. The Information Technology Pathway includes a variety of courses open to everyone at Pine Forest as well as courses specific to Academy students. The Academy of Information Technology is affiliated with the National Academy Foundation (NAF) and is designed as a four-year program. However, we work with students who begin in their sophomore year to ensure that they get the coursework they need to complete the requirements of the pathway. Our program educates and trains students to become certified in several areas of information technology.

Certification Exams available to AOIT students:
• CompTIA A+ Computer Technician
• CompTIA Network+
• CompTIA Security+
• Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)
• Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)
Specified criteria must be met to qualify to sit for certification exams

Information Technology Required Courses

2018 Fall Semester:
9th Grade – Foundations of Information Technology
10th Grade – Multimedia and Web Page Design, Scientific Visualization I
11th Grade – Option 1: Hardware/Software Support, Option 2: Networking Concepts
12th Grade – Option 1: Networking Concepts Web, Prog & DB Found, Option 2: Vulnerabilities I/Linus Single User, Option 3: Intro to SGD/3D Modeling, Option 4: Intro to Digital Media/Graphic Design Tools, Option 5: Web, Prog & DB Found/Intro to Programming Logic, Option 6: Web, Prog & DB Found/Web Markup and Scripting,  Option 7: Drawing I/Graphic Design

2019 Spring Semester:
9th Grade – Microsoft ITA Word and PowerPoint
10th Grade – Microsoft ITA & Excel and Access Honors
11th Grade – Option 1: Advanced Hardware/ Software Support, Option 2: Security Concepts
12th Grade – Option 1: Security Concepts/Operating Systems Concepts, Option 2: Network Vulnerabilities II/Linus/Unix Scripting, Option 3: SGD Design/SGD Programming, Option 4: 
Intro Multimedia App/Digital Animation I, Option 5: Mobile App Dev I/Mobile App Dev II,  Option 6: Mobile Web Design/Advanced Markup & Scripting, Option 7: Computer Design Basics/Computer Design/Technology I

Scope & Sequence 2019-2020 Information page
Scope & Sequence 2019-2020 .pdf file

What the Academy of Information Technology (AOIT) Can Do For You
Work-Based Learning
Community Service
CCS/AOIT Computer Refurbish
Student Organizations
Career Fairs
Field Trips
Guest Speakers
Job Shadowing
Jeans Drive
Non-Food Drive
Food Drive
Local Projects
Regional Leadership
Regional, State, and National
Conference/Competitive Events

Receive 18+ Hours of College Credit Tuition-Free
• Junior year – Courses taught by an FTCC instructor on the Pine Forest campus.
• Senior year – travel to FTCC for all Information Technology classes.

3-D Technology (Scientific & Technical Visualization)
• Learn to model, animate, and output video in 3DS Max
• Learn to make visual 3-D presentations

Elaine Vallery, Director
Pine Forest High School
525 Andrews Road
Fayetteville, NC 28311
Telephone: 910.488.2384
FAX: 910.488.0790

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Published by Barbara Ratledge on August 24, 2017
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