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 Culbreth, David  Principal
 Stewart, Jeffery  9th Grade Assistant Principal
 Moya, Laura  10th Grade Assistant Principal
 McDonald, Juelle  11th Grade Assistant Principal
 Norton, Jason  12th Grade Assistant Principal
 Support Staff
 Abney, Jodene  Media/Attendance
Colombo, Amber Front Office Receptionist
 Creedmore, Donna  Principal’s Secretary
 Deputy Adam  School Resource Office
 Green, Lisa  McDonald/Norton Sec
 Jackson, Gail  Volunteer  
 King, Stacy  Registrar
 Lewis, Beth  Bookkeeper
 Myers, Fatima  Stewart/Moya Sec
 Powell, Jessica  McDonald/Norton Sec
 Wise, Diane  Data Manager
 Guidance (School Counselors)
 Davis, James N  School Counselor A-E
 Jones, Richelle Dr.  School Counselor/Behavioral Health- L
 Milczakowskyj, Lindsey  School Counselor Clerk
 McKoy, Latoya  Social Worker
 Raines, Brittany
Lead School Counselor S-Z
 Stoeckley, Matthew  School Counselor M-R
 Upthegrove, Brayanna  School Counselor F-K
 Teachers/Teacher Assistants 
 Anderson,Brigitte  CTE Facilitator – Rm 251
 Armstrong, Nancy  AIG – Media Center
 Artley, Nathan  Cul Arts
 Austin, Jill  English – Rm 108
 Baker, Denise  Science – Rm 240
 Barnes, Jeffery  AFJROTC – F4
 Beard, Susan  English – Rm 177
 Benedetto, Tawnee  English – Rm 273
 Bethea, Latasha  CTE Rm – 248
 Black, Beckie  SLD
 Brown, Kim  Job Coach
 Bruner, Denae  EC Rm 121
 Button, Jennifer  SS – Rm 231
 Cain, Melissa  Cul Arts – Rm 173
 Cameron, Anne Marie  CTE – Rm 126
 Cobb, Pierre  Math – Rm 241
 Coe, Al  AFJROTC – F6
 Collins, Aisha  Dance – Rm 132
 Copeland, Alicia  English – Rm 175
 Curry, Christopher SS- 214
 Denton, Lisa  Media Coordinator – Media Center
 Douglas, Derrick Charles  TA/Rm 215
 Eni, Scholastia  CTE – Rm 279
 Evans, Daria  CTE – Rm 130
 Faircloth, Paige  PE
 Fields, Kevin  Math – Rm 245
 Ford, Sophia  CTE – Rm 248
 Frisby, Darlene  EC – Rm 122
 Gagnon, Sara  CTE – Rm 128
 Gaston, Johnny  Science – Rm 219
 Gemelli, Neal  EC – Rm 203
 Gmiter, Renee  Math – Rm 239
 Good, Samantha  Foreign Lang – Rm 166
 Gorman, David  SS – Rm 214
 Graham, Annis  TA/EC – Rm
 Graham, Nicole  English – rm 176
 Green, Chris  PE – Head Athletic Trainer
 Hale, William Dr.  Science – Rm 270
 Hall, Denise  Cul Arts – Chorus Rm
 Harris, Anthone  ISS – Hut 4
 Hart, Dominic  TA/EC – Rm 201
 Henry, Heidi  English – Rm 223
 Hibbert-Herzog, Dinah  Science – Rm 216
 Hope, Elizabeth  Math – Rm 243
 Hugger, Sharon  CTE – Rm G2
 Hughes, Amanda  SS – Rm 265
 Hughes, Catherine EC- Rm 207
 James, Jennifer  Math – Rm 278
 Johnston, Ronald  CTE Rm G5
 Jones, Bridgette  CTE – Rm G4
 Jones, Margaret  EC – Rm 172
 Jones, William  TA/Job Coach
 Jordan, Liauna  CTE – Rm 261
 Karcher, Andrew  Math – Rm 249
 Kelly, Mundrickus  EC – Rm 201
 Kingdom, Ashley  Science – Rm 171
 Lewis, Donna  Psychologist
 Lewis, Sharon  TA/ Rm 122
 Martinico, Coralia  Foreign Lang – Rm 167
 Mason, Edward  CTE – Rm 257
 May, David  PE
 Maxfield, Brittany  CTE
 McDowell, Jeanine  Nurse
 McLaughlin, Sharon  GradPoint Lab Facilitator – Rm 271
 Midgette, Alda  EC – Rm 215
 Miller, Valerie  English – Rm 106
 Naik, Anna  TA/TMD – Rm 122
 Nash, Yolanda CTE- Rm 250
 Noack, Angela  SS – Rm 264
 O’Briant, Ricky  Safe Schools Coordinator
 O’Callaghan, Kim  English – Rm 276
 Paddock, Mariam EL- Rm 104
 Page, Sara  Math – Rm 205
 Payne, Hollis  AFJROTC – F5
 Peaden, James  PE
 Pruett, Diane  TA/Autism – 121
 Quinn, Michelle  CTE/AEMS – Rm 238
 Quiroz, Alexander  CTE/Horticulture – Hut 4
 Rancour, Isaac  PE
 Raudules, Julia  Spanish – Rm 104
 Ray, Donna  TA – Rm 174
 Reed, Leah  SS- Rm 218
 Rice, Kevin  EC – Rm 169
 Richardson, James  Cul Arts – Band Rm
 Rouchon, Amy  SS- Rm 237
 Shurko, Shannon  Science – Rm 272
 Simmons, Cynthia  EC – Rm 174
 Sledge, William  TA/EC – Rm 203
 Slider, Paige  CTE – Rm 258
 Sloss, Teresa  Math
 Smith, Adrienne  EC Case Manager – Rm 111
 Smith, Manuela  ART – Rm 125
 Sochovka, William  SS – Rm 135
 Specht, Hana  Math – Rm 274
 Starling, Linwood  Sci – Rm 220
 Swan, Carlos  Military Support Student Transition Consultant
 Thames, Erica  Science – Rm 170
 Vallery, Elaine  AOIT/CTE – Rm 256
 Vann, Jazmin  CTE – Rm G3
 Weaver, Kevin  English – Rm 113
 Welsh, Steven  SS- Rm 249
 Welsh, Terri  Art- Rm 123
 Whetzel, Cynthia  Tele Conf Lab – Rm 269
 Wickham, Terry  SS – Rm 262
 Wilson, Ashley  TA/EC – Rm 122
 Willis, Dawn  CTE/Bus – Rm 259
 Willoughby, Thomas  PE
 Woodard, Regina  TA – Rm 72
 Cafeteria Staff
 Bradley, Perlita    
 Clark, Pamela  Cafeteria Manager
 Corner, Ledina
 Davis, Gwen
 Faubus, Clarixsa
 Gagnon, Thomas
 Guo, Huiging
 Johnson, Delphaine
 Mathlin, Sandy
 McPhatter, Carolyn
 Custodial Staff
 Collins, Cedric  Head Custodian
 Crowell, Robert
 Gillis, Joshua
 Hamilton, Kenneth
 Josephs, Douglas  
Josephs, LaShay  
 Mathlin, Ralph
 Peterson, Brian
 Quinn-Williams, Bernice
 Thompkins, Sylvia


Published by Lisa Denton on September 2, 2019

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