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PINE FOREST HIGH SCHOOL Student Registration 2019-2020 Slide Show Information

PINE FOREST HIGH SCHOOL Student Registration 2019-2020

Promotion Standards
• For promotion from 9th grade to 10th grade, a student MUST pass a minimum of 6 credits. One of these credits must be English I.
• For promotion from 10th grade to 11th grade, a student MUST pass a minimum of 13 credits. Two of these credits must be English I, and
English II.
• For promotion from 11th grade to 12th grade, a student MUST pass a
minimum of 20 credits. Three of these credits must be English I, English
II and English III.

Junior/Seniors: FTCC Courses
• Students may earn dual credit towards college and high school through Fayetteville Technical Community College.
• TUITION FREE and transportation is provided*!
• Students must have a 3.0 GPA and certain test scores to be eligible.
• Open to rising JUNIORS and SENIORS ONLY!
• FTCC Registration Night will be April 4th @6pm in the PFHS Auditorium.
• See Mr. Stoeckley for more information or consult the Course Selection Guide for available courses/programs.
*Some sections may not have transportation available

For Seniors ONLY
• Each senior will receive a full schedule
• If you want to graduate early, you must come to guidance once you receive your schedule with your parent/guardian to make changes. You will only be eligible to graduate early if you meet graduation requirements.
• If you want to have a reduced schedule, you must come to guidance once you receive your schedule with your parent/guardian to drop classes. You will only be eligible to drop classes if you are meeting graduation requirements and have reliable transportation.
• If you are an athlete and you want to graduate early or have an abbreviated schedule you must see Mr. Norton to check your eligibility status first and obtain his signature.

Academy Students/Application Electives
• If you are a part of our Academy of Information Technology or Academy of Emergency Medical Science, your elective options will not appear in the list of electives.
• Your counselor will work with the Academy directors to make sure you are placed in the correct Academy classes.
• AOIT students who live out-of-district and students on special assignment to the school will not be able to select their electives.
• Electives requiring an application (Yearbook, Student Government, etc) are also not listed. If you are interested in these courses you will need to fill out the corresponding application.

PowerSchool Registration
• Core classes are already determined by student’s GPA and previous final grade for that subject area.
• Students must have their PowerSchool login to enroll in classes.
• To access the course selection guide please click or copy
• You may go online thru the student or parent portal until March 30 and change your elective choices. They will be locked in after that.
• You may request core class changes by emailing your counselor or meeting with them during lunch in the fish pond. You do not need to have your parent present to make these changes and you cannot make changes by phone.

PowerSchool Login
• Go to
• Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Home Base Login (Iam)
• Log into PowerSchool by using your lunch/PowerSchool number and your password
• Click on the PowerSchool Student icon
• Click on Class registrations with the chair icon
• Click the pencil icon on the far right and select electives in each section
• Be sure to click submit.

Step 1: Once logged in you will select “Class Registration” on the left sidebar Click each pencil to bring up your elective options and make your selections.
Step 2: Click the pencil next to each elective choice option and make your selection. Pay careful attention to the number of elective options it is asking you to select. If it asks for one, select one. If three, select three. When you have selected the appropriate amount you should see a green check mark.
Step 3: Select the elective option(s) that interest(s) you and click “okay”.
Paragraph descriptions are available in the Course Selection Guide. If the option is not on this list, we either do not offer it or it is not available for your grade level.
All sections should have green check marks once you are done.

When you have made all your choices in each box, click submit in the bottom right.
A list of all your core classes and the elective choices you made should appear.
You and your parent will be able to review these at home.

Published by Barbara Ratledge on March 12, 2019
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