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Updated Scholarship Information Jan 2017

AES Engineering Scholarship

  • Deadline date: October 6, 2016
  • Students must submit an essay of between 500 and 1000 words in answer to the following question: ‘When you look back on your life in 30 years, what would it take for you to consider your life successful?  What relationships or accomplishments will be important on this journey?’
  • Amount of award: $500.00

Thomas Wolfe Scholarship/UNC-Chapel Hill

  • Deadline date: October 15th to apply to UNC-Chapel Hill & November 15th for the Wolfe application
  • 500-word essay in which the applicant introduces him or herself as a writer and reader. The essay is entitled “Why I write”.
  • 3 letters of sealed recommendations

NC Goodnight Scholarship/NC State

  • Deadline: Submitted Common Application by October 15th
  • Selecting a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) discipline or Education major
  • Middle income family: $30,000-$99,000.
  • Typically ranked in the top 2% of his/her graduating class.
  • A Score above 1400 on the SAT (CR+M) and/or scores above a 32 on the ACT.
  • A Score above 1400 on the SAT (CR+M) and/or scores above a 32 on the ACT.
  • Have at least a 3.9 unweighted GPA and/or 4.8 weighted GPA.

Dr Pepper Tuition Giveaway

  • Deadline date: October 17, 2016
  • Award Amount: $1,000,000 tuition to help students reach their biggest goals
  • Ages 18-24
  • Essay: 350 words or less “Tell us how you’ll change the world”, Rally your friends, once you reach 50 votes you submit a video to inspire more fans, finalist selected during throw-offs at college football conference championship.

Centennial Textile Scholarship/NC State

  • Deadline dates: See Ms Upthegrove by October 20th if you wish to pursue one of ACR’s two nominations (November 1st). Applications are due December 1st
  • Pursuing a degree in NC State’s College of Textiles
  • Demonstrated high academic achievement throughout high school,
  • Proven and potential leadership qualities
  • Active participation in extracurricular activities throughout high school.
  • Unique experiences.

International High School Essay Contest/Omega Psi Phi Fraternity

  • Deadline date: October 21, 2016
  • Amount of award: (4 college scholarships) $5,000, $3,000, $2,000 & $1,000
  • All high school seniors
  • Essay (700-750 words):“What would you propose to substantially reduce the incidence of gun violence in the United States and around the World without taking away the legal rights of law-abiding citizens to acquire and possess firearms?’
  • Grading Criteria:
    1. Development of Topic/Thesis: (30 possible pts.)
    2. Progression:  (20 possible pts.)
    3. Readability: (25 possible pts.)
    4. Grammar: (15 possible pts.)
    5. Spelling:  (5 possible pts.)
    6. Punctuation:  (5 possible pts.)

Horatio Alger National Scholarship

  • Deadline date: October 25th
  • Award amount: 25,000
  • Be enrolled full time as a high school senior in the United States; be progressing normally toward graduation in spring/summer of 2017 with plans to enter a college in the United States no later than the fall following graduation
  • Exhibit a strong commitment to pursue and complete a bachelor’s degree at an accredited non-profit public or private institution in the United States (students may start their studies at a two-year institution and then transfer to a four-year institution)
  • Demonstrate critical financial need ($55,000 or lower adjusted gross family income is required)
  • Be involved in co-curricular and community service activities
  • Display integrity and perseverance in overcoming adversity
  • Maintain a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0; and
  • Be a United States citizen

Coca-Cola Scholarship

  • Deadline Date: October 31st
  • Current high school (or home-schooled) seniors attending school in the United States (or select DoD schools)
  • Anticipating completion of high school diploma at the time of application
  • Planning to pursue a degree at an accredited U.S. post-secondary institution
  • Carrying a minimum 3.00 GPA at the end of their junior year of high school

Purdue University/ Scholarship

  • Deadline date: November 1st to apply to the University and scholarship
  • Trustees, Presentational, Marquis, National Merit and National Hispanic Scholarships

National Co-Op Scholarship

  • Deadline date: Depending on the school but early applications are due November 1st
  • Please complete the National Co-op Scholarship Program Application including a (200 word) essay describing why you have chosen to pursue a college cooperative education program.
  • Have a cumulative high school GPA of 3.5 or better on a 4.0 scale
  • Must select from one of the colleges below:

Clarkson University, Drexel University, Johnson & Wales University, Merrimack College, Rochester Institute Of Technology, State University Of New York Oswego, The University Of Toledo, University Of Cincinnati, University Of Massachusetts Lowell Or Wentworth Institute Of Technology

John M. Belk Scholarship Davidson College

  • A candidate’s record and recommendations must demonstrate academic excellence and purposeful engagement in the classroom, in student and civic organizations, on the athletic field, or in the arts.
  • School Counselor will nominate 1-2 students
  • Complete the form of 1 to 2 nominees, attach transcript, and add a letter of recommendation, November 7, 2016. Student fills out application December 1, 2016.

Prudential Spirit of the Community Awards

  • Deadline date: November 8th/ Notify counselor to be nominated by November 18th
  • Be in grades 5-12 as of November 8
  • Be a legal resident of any U.S. state or Washington, D.C.
  • Have engaged in a volunteer activity that occurred during the 12 months prior to the date of the application

Robertson Scholarship/UNC Chapel Hill or Duke

  • Deadline date: Mid-November
  • Full tuition
  • 18 awards to Duke Freshman & 18 awards at UNC-Chapel Hill Freshman
  • Competitive applicant to Duke and/or UNC-Chapel Hill
  • UNC Morehead-Cain applicants are not eligible at UNC for Robertson
  • Purposeful Leadership
  • Intellectual Curiosity
  • Strength of Character

Wilson Scholars Program/Appalachian State

  • Deadline Date: November 15th
  • Award amount: Full tuition
  • Ranked in the top of your class
  • Pursued and excelled in the most rigorous curriculum available to you
  • Eager and prepared to make a significant impact on the Appalachian community
  • Demonstrated commitment to service and leadership in your school and community

* Also please look into Diversity Scholarship, Plemmons, Chancellor’s, Academic Excellence Scholarship at Appalachian State

Laurels Scholarship/UNC- Asheville

  • Deadline date: Application to UNC Asheville and scholarship on November 15th
  • High academic achievement
  • Candidates are identified through the admissions application process
  • Laurels Scholarships are awarded to first-time entering freshmen who demonstrate high academic achievement. Though some scholarships carry donor-specific restrictions, many of these scholarships are unrestricted and are available to students who meet the academic or academic/need criteria. Most scholarships are renewable as long as the recipient maintains the specified minimum grade-point average (GPA) of 3.0, full-time, maintains satisfactory academic progress, and does not have a break in enrollment.

Elk National Foundation Scholarship/Most Valuable Student

  • Deadline date: November 30th
  • Award Amount: $4,000-$50,000
  • Male and female candidates compete separately
  • Leadership
  • Financial Need
  • Community Service
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • SAT and/or ACT scores

Blue & Gold Scholarship/UNC Greensboro

  • Deadline date: December 1st for UNC Greensboro application and scholarship application
  • Superior scholastic and personal achievement and potential.
  • Successful candidates generally present a minimum SAT score of 1200 (critical reading and math) or an ACT score of 27
  • Minimum high school GPA of 3.5
  • If interested in UNCG please go on the website to see other scholarship offers

North Carolina State Elks Association Nursing Scholarship

  • Deadline date: December 4th
  • Award Amount: $1,000.00, one-year scholarship award. 
  • Top 25% of his/her class and is actively involved in nursing related activities.
  • Must get a recommendation from your guidance counselor

Burger King Scholarship & James W. McLamore WHOPPER® Scholarship Award

  • Deadline date: December 15th
  • Award Amount: Up to $50,000
  • Minimum 2.0 GPA for the BK Scholarship or a 3.3 GPA for the James W. McLamore WHOPPER® Scholarship Award and at least ACT 27/SAT 1700 2. Passionate about serving the community. Graduating high school senior attending a two or four-year college 4. Leadership role in community service, athletics, and/or similar co-curricular activity such as student government, team sports, fraternal life, etc.

Varsity Tutors Monthly Essay Contest (Any high school student 16+ years of age)

  • Deadline date: December 15th
  • Award Amount: $1,000
  • Essay: Describe a schools accomplishment you’re most proud of and why?
  • On-going. Different essays every month

NFIB Young Entrepreneur Award

  • Deadline Date: December 18th
  • Award Amount:Non-renewable $2,000-$15,000
  • Budding Entrepreneur 2. Attending a four or two-year college in the fall of 2017 3. Own and/or operates an established business 4. Many applicants participate in organizations such as DECA, FBLA, FFA, NFTE or Junior Achievement but not required.

The American Legion High School Oratorical Scholarship Program for 9th – 12th Graders

  • Deadline date: December 18th
  • Award Amount: the overall national contest winner gets an $18,000 scholarship. Second place takes home $16,000, and third gets $14,000. Each department (state) winner who is certified into and participates in the national contest’s first round receives a $1,500 scholarship.

Wesleyan University Hamilton Prize for Creativity

  • Deadline date: Completed applications January 1, 2017, scholarship awarded May 31, 2017.
  • Prize Amount– 4-year full tuition more than $200,000
  • Eligibility– Must be accepted and enroll full-time at Wesleyan University
  • Apply at: edu/admission

Lenoir-Rhyne Teaching Scholars

  • Deadline date: January 10th
  • Award Amount: 5,500
  • Pursuing a public school teaching career
  • Demonstrates academic excellence
  • Demonstrates service to others

Mensa Education and Research Foundation Scholarships

  • Deadline date: January 15th
  • Award Amount: 300-1,000
  • Essays must be the applicants’ original work and no more than 550 words in length.

NC Hispanic College Fund

  • Deadline date: January 15th
  • A four-year cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better on a 4.0 scale
  • 2 letters of recommendation from a high school teacher, principal, pastor, employer, or other community leaders
  • An official high school transcript
  • Personal statement (500 words)

Crumley Robert’s Founders Scholarship

  • Deadline date: January 31st
  • Award amount: $2,500

Americas Farmers

  • Deadline date: February 1st
  • Award amount: $1500


  • Deadline date: February 1st
  • Nominees are judged on their academic record which includes good SAT scores (usually 1100 or above) and a GPA (usually 3.5 or above) that will make them admissible to one of the eligible institutions. In addition, nominees should be well-rounded, with excellent extracurricular activities, leadership, and community service.
  • The Jagannathan recipient is eligible to receive two-semester stipends (the amount of the stipend depends on the interest earnings of the Trust and may vary each year). The maximum annual award is currently $2,000 (or $1,000 per semester stipend). The award is adjusted annually according to the student’s demonstrated financial need.
  • Apply for UNC schools only
  • Have FAFSA completed

Florence Kidder Memorial Scholarship

  • Deadline date: February 5th
  • Award amount: $3,000/ $1,000 to first runner-up
  • Completed application form answering all questions.
  • A separate listing of extracurricular activities, honors, community work and work experience.
  • A current photograph.
  • An unofficial transcript of grades, including first-semester senior courses if possible and current GPA.
  • A letter of recommendation from one of the student’s teachers in pdf format.
  • Original essay of 500 to 700 words on the following subject: “Spotlight on Early Immigration”
  • College must be an NC School

The National Society of the Colonial Dames

  • Deadline date: February 5th
  • Award amount: $3,000 and a runner-up will receive a scholarship of $1,000 dollars

NCAE Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship

  • Deadline date: February 6th
  • Award Amount: Varies
  • Resume’ of accomplishments, extra-curricular activities, scholarships, affiliations, organizations
  • Essays: A) Please tell how the philosophies and ideals of Dr. King influence your life (1 page or less, typed and double-spaced using standard font style and size of 12).B) Why do you feel you deserve this scholarship and what is your need for financial assistance? (1 page or less, typed and double-spaced using standard font style and size of 12)
  • An official transcript must be embossed, signed, and sealed with a cumulative unweighted
  • GPA of at least 2.5
  • Two letters of recommendation: (Signed letters of recommendation must be given to the applicant in a sealed envelope) a) one (1) letter must be from applicant’s school personnel (recommendation must be on school letterhead) b) one (1) letter must be from applicant’s community

National Society Daughters of the American Revolution Scholarship (Any gender can apply)

  • Deadline date: February 10th
  • Award amount: Varies

NC Division of Veterans Affairs Scholarship – Class II and III Scholarship

  • GPA: 2.0
  • The veteran parent was a legal resident of NC at time of entrance into a period of service with the armed forces during which eligibility is established OR the applicant is the natural or adopted child prior to age 15,
  • Was born in NC and has been a resident continuously since
  • See Qualifying Criteria for Veteran Parent on the NC4Vets website
  • Attending one of the participating NC colleges or universities listed on the NC4Vets website

Jackie Robinson Foundation

  • Deadline date: February 15th
  • Award amount: up to $28,000
  • Demonstrate a dedication to community service
  • Have a minimum SAT score of 1,000 combined on the math and critical reading sections or a composite ACT score of 21

Teen Drive 365 Challenge

  • Deadline date: February 23rd
  • Award amount: 1st Place: $15,000 and the chance to work with a Discovery film crew to reshoot your video into a TV-ready PSA!
  • 2nd Place: $10,000 and a behind-the-scenes trip to a Velocity show taping
  • 3rd Place: $7,500
  • People’s Choice: $5,000 and a behind-the-scenes trip a Velocity show taping
  • 4th Place – 10th Place: $2,500
  • Four Regional Winners: $1,000
  • Create a 30-60 second video for your fellow teen drivers that highlight the importance of safe teen driving and you could win $15,000, or one of 14 other prizes!

Too Tall Scholarship

  • Deadline date: March 1st
  • Award amount: 1,000
  • Stand at least 5’10″ if you are a woman and at least 6’ 2″ if you are a man
  • Copy of official high school transcript
  • College entrance exam score verification
  • Letter of recommendation from an academic source
  • Letter of recommendation from a non-academic source
  • One page essay
  • Photo
  • Photo/essay release authorization
  • Extracurricular participation during high school, including athletics and scholastic organizations
  • Awards and honors recognition
  • Volunteer efforts and community service participation
  • Personal achievements not outlined in the above categories

Create A Greeting Card Scholarship Contest – Any grade level 9th-12th

  • Deadline date: March 2nd
  • Award amount: $10,000 and one $1,000 prize awarded to the winner’s school.

The Community Foundation of Western North Carolina – 60 Scholarships Available

  • Award amount: Varies

Career Pathway/ Youth Growth Stock Trust Scholarship/CTE concentrator students ONLY

  • Deadline date: March 3rd
  • Award Amount: $2,000
  • GPA: 2.5 unweighted minimum
  • One-page statement
  • High School Transcript
  • Turn in all required materials to Ms Upthegrove in guidance

Douglas Family Scholarship for Military Children

  • Deadline: March 3, 2017
  • GPA: 3.0 or higher
  • Award amount: Up to $5,000

Martin Luther King Scholarship (Cumberland County residents only)

  • Deadline date: March 31st
  • Award amount: $1,000
  • GPA: 2.5
  • An official high school transcript must accompany the application;
  • Three letters of recommendation must accompany the application packet.

Project Yellow Light

  • Deadline date: April 1st
  • Award amount: 1st place $5,000, 2nd $2,000, 3rd $1,000
  • Create a video to encourage your peers to develop and embrace safe driving habits


  • Award amount: Multiple $2,000 scholarships for graduating high school seniors
  • GPA: Minimum 2.75 un-weighted high school GPA


  • GPA: Minimum 3.0 un-weighted high school GPA
  • Must intend to transfer to a 4-year university after completing an Associate of Arts, Associate of Engineering, Associate of Fine Arts, or Associate of Science degree or any degree program with an Articulation Agreement

NC Bar Association Scholarship

  • Deadline: April 3, 2017
  • Award amount: $1500-$4500
  • Criteria: Parent was killed or disabled in the line of duty (NC Law Enforcement Officers)

Sandhills Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Scholarship

  • Deadline: April 7, 2017
  • Award amount: $1500.00
  • Criteria: Essay of 500 words or less

SEANC (State Employees Credit Union)/Scholarship

  • Deadline: April 15, 2017
  • A completed application will need: Transcripts, Personal Statement, Extra-circular Activities, and Community Service

People Helping People

  • Deadline: May 5, 2017
  • GPA: 2.5 or higher
  • Award amount: $10,000
  • Criteria: demonstrated leadership, integrity & community involvement

Student Award Search Aid

  • Deadline date: May 22, 2017
  • Award amount: $1,000

Aspiring Fashion Professional” or “Aspiring Animation Professional” or “Aspiring Business Professional” 

  • Deadline date: June 1st
  • Award amount: 1,000
  • ,

Fayetteville Motor World

  • Deadline: June 15, 2017
  • GPA: 2.5 or higher
  • Criteria: 3-page paper, 1 letter of recommendation, 25 community service hours

Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU)

  • Over 500 scholarships
  • Visit the website for deadline dates and criteria:

Scholarships for Military Families


Scholarships search websites/

  • University of NC at Greensboro:
  • NC State:
  • UNC Charlotte:
  • Duke:
  • Fayetteville State University:
  • North Carolina A&T:
  • East Carolina:
  • Wake Forest:
  • UNC Wilmington:
  • North Carolina Central:
  • Appalachian State:
  • UNC Chapel Hill:
  • Western Carolina:
  • Winston Salem:
Published by Barbara Ratledge on January 18, 2017
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